Awards & Recognition

Restaurant Awards, 2017

Best Debutant Caterer of the Year

What we give

1kg serves approx 8 -10 people, 30 - 40 pcs

Quality comes first

Frequent quality checks at every step.

Strictly 'No' to

No Artificial Masalas & Colors.
No Artificial Tasting agents.
No Preservatives.

Exact Weighing

We exactly weigh the meat before cooking the item.

Cooking Methods

We use all quality ingredients, low oil cooking & natural prepared masalas.

Best Quantity @ Affordable Price

We give best quantity at afforable price becuase quantity always matters.

On Time Delivery

We assure on time delivery for the order placed.

How It Works?

Whenever there is a party at home or at office, simply call us on (+91) 98700 22221 / 98700 44440, it just takes few taps to place your order.

Order at any time between 9 AM to 4 PM and we’ll appear with a fresh meals by 6 hours.

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